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I think I've mentioned this before....I watch a LOT of tv, not just because I'm a mouth breathing vegetable but because I'm always working on my laptop or playing guitar and the tv is just always ON. (I chalk it up to the low level of consciousness I require for creativity...don't judge). Anyway, I'm especially digging Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, not just because I have addiction in my past but because I love Dr. Drew. I remember sitting around with my drinking friends namely this crazy couple I used to run around with, (we'll call them Susan and Bill...no thats boring....we'll call them Scarface and Pugsly). Every once in a while we'd do some cocaine and wax poetic, you know, philosophy, music, love and life...that sort of thing. If I mentioned anything about being an alcoholic Scarface would say "You're not an alcoholic! I drink WAY more than you do." And Pugsly would chime in, "yeah, if you were an alcoholic your life would be way more in the gutter" or something to that effect. I knew I had a problem from a very young age. I started drinking when I was 15 and I knew it was poison for me, it just took me another 12 years to get a handle on it.

So, I was watching Celebrity Rehab and Dr. Drew said this - "We define addiction not by the quantity or frequency but by the consequences."

I find this definition to be very validating, whether it's booze, drugs, sex, attention, or whatever. The consequences...


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Mar. 22nd, 2008 06:54 pm (UTC)
a very good point! I started about the same age as you, but it took me 18 years to just walk away from it cold turkey. There was one time in that 18 years that I'd stopped for a year, but went back to it.
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