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What's Liz Phair's problem?

Exile in Guyville was an amazing album for me and sooo many other people. I had a cassette tape of it and literally played it until it broke. Why is it not on iTunes? I've read that she's like embarrassed about that album and that it's not really what she's all about anymore. I don't care! Get that shit on iTunes!

and we're back

I have not blogged since June? Holy crap. the most exciting thing to happen is I finally moved out of my shoebox apartment and into a space where I have a lot more room to record. I just recently upgraded my set up too so no more dumping 8 track songs into my laptop :) digital to analog to digital? No wonder there was so much noise...ah!
I've posted a few new things on myspace, most recently the Valentine Song. Now I just want to re-record everything with this new set up! No more awful drumming on the electronic kit. (I know I'm not as bad a drummer as I say I am but still....what a headache) Doing the drums with the keyboard is just so much easier.

I have tentative plans to record a song with Rob Daiker next month, he recorded his own version of my song It's Only You. Check it out on his myspace if you have a chance. He's a great producer so I'm excited to see what we come up with.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day.

New Rock of Love 2 tomorrow night! ah, I am such a dork for this show!!

I Did It! and more to come soon

I finally figured out how to dump songs from my 8 track to my laptop. I just needed an adapter. Okay, the rest is boring.

Here's a song I did last month called Eyes in the Back Of My Head. I debuted this song this weekend at Dante's when Sam Henry and I opened for Storm Large. The show was pretty fun, Storm is always a class act. It was also my debut with Kleveland on guitar.

Anyhoo, this song is just a rough 8 track demo. Sam and I should start getting to work on the upcoming album sometime next month. I just gotta make some dough first.



this is just the beginning....

I read this great article in the New York Times that profiled a bunch of successful independent musicians. A guy was posting one song a week on his blog that he would record in his home studio. A lot of the results were silly but sometimes he would strike gold with a bonafide hit. His listenership was in the thousands. A song a week from a home studio? I thought. Hey, I can do that! When I was a teenageer I used to four-track all the time. maybe one day I'll convert all of my old cassette tapes to digital and post some of those long forgotten gems but until then....I'm going to make this my goal - one song every week. There are some bugs I have to work out with my home studio though, like for one, the microphone I won in the contest doesn't work! I have to send it back to Audix and get a new one. I'm borrowing a nice condenser mic from my pal Sean Flora though so I'm still in business. I also need to find a way to dump song mixes from my 8 track recorder into my laptop. Should be easy enough but my 8 track is kind of OLD. anyhoo, just a preview of things to come. With all the drama and shit-storms the universe has thrown me these last few months I'm excited to have a new project.
stay tuned.....

welcome to my blog

I must be the last person in the world to get a blog. I use my website to keep folks updated with music stuff but I figured this one could be a little more uh, personal...or detailed rather....cuz I have stuff to SAY (!).

I just returned from a weekend in New York where I was visiting my new pal Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live. I'll write more about that later though....

this is just a quick hello entry.


over and out,