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What do you mean I'm not a superhero?

Myspace is funny, I hate it and of course I love. I just spent an hour tracking down a fantastic guitar player I saw last year at Djangofest. I'm doing a few songs at a Billie Holiday tribute so I'm rocking the jazz guitar and I wanted to see some badass shit on youtube. (If you have a chance check out Stephane Wrembel he is amazing). Anyhoo, so I spent a bunch of time looking for him online because I couldn't remember his name and I was so happy to have found him I left him a myspace comment telling him how wonderful he is, I also left Kruno a comment, another amazing player from Djangofest last year. Myspace is like that easy comfortable relationship you get stuck in that makes it impossible for you to grow emotionally. When you want some advice you throw it out to your friends and OF COURSE they all love you so they tell you exactly what you want to hear....thus you feel like every idea you have is good, you walk around radiating goodness and light because you feel like the world is made of love....for you. Everyone LOOOVES you right? Of course they do, you don't have any enemies! Thats why Tom calls them "Friends".

So, I sent a shout out via bulletin and blog about this demo EP idea. I got tons of feedback (awesome) and everyone that wrote thought it was a great idea...so I'm doing it. I was so excited about committing to do it that I sent the news out to my mailing list and put it on my website. I'm invincible, music has set me free, people love what I do, I love the attention, I feel great about life and......wait, whats this? An email to my mailing list with 'remove' in the subject?? Someone who once wanted to be in the KNOW about my life no longer cares about me???? Someone who used to like me is BREAKING UP WITH ME????  It's melodramatic, it's ridiculous, it's pointless to think about, it means nothing, but it sent me crashing back down to earth from the clouds. egads. In my head I was Seinfeld's mom, incredulously defending myself, "How could anyone not like me?"



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Apr. 11th, 2008 01:03 am (UTC)
Oh pooey. Just pretend it was sent because a couple broke up and one of them hacked into the other's stuff just to piss them off. And that person will realllllly miss you once they figure it out. That's what I would do. Hahaha.

Can't wait for the demo!

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